Making a difference one wave at a time

Our Mission

Waves for Change Worldwide aspires to connect and support those around the globe making meaningful impact. Rooted in surf therapy and leveraging the healing powers of the ocean and community, we aim to bring individuals together to collaborate, support and share in the joys of life.

Surfing is a form of healing that promotes wellness through nature-based therapy.

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Talking the Drop

Real life testimonials from our surfers

I just wanted to let you know I had the absolute BEST TIME yesterday. It was so fun. I have never been in the water. All the volunteers were amazing I could not have asked for a more exciting time. I felt very safe with all the volunteers. They were all knowledgeable and because of them I felt safe. I was so scared and my anxiety was very high but the group helped me all the way. If there is anything like that again I would absolutely love to stop by. I was sooo happy and proud of myself as well. It was GREAT!!! I can’t thank you enough. I felt normal for 30 mins. :)

Melissa H.

Rare Disease Patient and Surfer