Our Mission

Waves for Change Worldwide aspires to connect and support those around the globe making meaningful impact. Rooted in surf therapy and leveraging the healing powers of the ocean and community, we aim to bring individuals together to collaborate, support and share in the joys of life.

Photo Credit: Bethany Foltz

Our Vision

Our signature series of events are focused on using surf therapy to support those challenged with disabilities and debilitating diseases, raise accessibility issue awareness, fundraise for research, and create enjoyable experiences that improve participants’ mental health. Over the last few years we have supported our athlete surfers and their families by bringing together rare family interactions with families battling diagnosis of CF, DMD, SMA, Rett Syndrome, rare genetic diseases and various other neurological and neurodegenerative disorders.

Our Team

Meet the crew that works the magic

Each person brings a unique perspective to the table.
Our team and their talents set us apart.